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Did you make your commitment to AIB?

You’ve probably seen the ridiculous full page advertisements taken out by AIB in the newspapers on Sunday. The Angry Hedgehog has an image of one of the adverts.

The bank is making a commitment to us, the Irish people, as a “thank you” to us making a commitment to them. That commitment was where we gave them €3.5bn to bail them out of the hole that they’ve put themselves in by being shit at their jobs.

Let’s get things straight here. We, the Irish people, didn’t make a commitment to AIB – it was our politicians, helping out their banking buddies. And don’t say they were elected, because no one here elected Brian Cowen as Taoiseach.

The commitment is to play their role, as Irelands largest bank, in helping to get our economy back on it’s feet.

So there’s no truth in the rumours then that they’re going to hold on to the money for themselves until their own position strengthens before actually helping out those cash strapped businesses needing loans.

And let’s hope that AIB doesn’t put us first in the way they might have done in the past when stealing in excess of €50m from hundreds and thousands of their customers in the past 5 years through various different overcharging scandals.

2 comments On Did you make your commitment to AIB?

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  • AIB Bank getting the economy back on its feet???? it must be a joke. I also read their advert at the weekend and it made my blood boil. They take your money,slap on high charges for every transaction and give you no financial advice what to do with your hard earned cash.Glad i am not relying on them to get this economy back on their feet they are a joke and a lot of hard working people out there are only realizing it now.

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