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Even Irish companies charging Irish customers more euros than sterling

Irish Ferries have an offer at the moment where it’s €69 each way to take the ferry to Britain. But it’s only £60 (€62) to take the ferry the other way.

This is a straight rip off as you’re paying for exactly the same service, provided at exactly the same time, and no excuse to say there’s transport costs or currency rate timing reasons for the change.

Unfortunately though, you can’t even pretend you live in the UK to get the sterling price now – they must be checking cookies – as no matter what combination of trips I tried to book, it always gave me the higher euro prices.

5 comments On Even Irish companies charging Irish customers more euros than sterling

  • Perhaps the only thing “Irish” about this company is the name? If they expect to charge rates relevant to the local market, they should at least employ local labour at local rates. Further, I notice the cheapest journey NOW available is £69/€85.

  • They are more likely to be using your IP address to detect your location rather than relying on cookies which can easily be deleted.

  • Not that it’s acceptable to charge different prices in any instance, but the exchange rate of £60 is more like €66/67 now, one of the best exchange rates I’ve seen (unfortunately).

  • @everyone – Thanks for the comments.

  • They have a cheep trick up their sleeves
    As an Irish customer dealing in euro when you log on to what you belive is an Irish company to book a single journey back from the UK when you get your statement you find you have been charged in sterling.
    While the price is reflected in £ it’s not what you expect when booking with an Irish Co
    VERY misleading

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