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Go Green with your banking

We in Ireland are still somewhat behind the UK and the US when it comes to “green banking”.

For a number of years now, financial institutions have provided “green investments” that allow you to invest in green businesses such as wind and wave power, recycling and other “carbon neutral” businesses.

However, a growing number of financial companies are starting to implement greener ways of running their businesses – ultimately aiming to become becoming carbon-neutral businesses.

As part of these initiatives, some banks are offering green accounts, mortgages, credit cards and other services that include financial contributions towards green projects and organisations made by the bank on your behalf.

The closest that I can find in Ireland at the moment is provided by Allied Irish Banks. They are currently providing an offer called Add More Green. Under this scheme, AIB has promised to pay €5 per customer if they sign up to receive statements online. Sign up to get your current and credit card statements online and they’ll donate €10.

That’s a once off payment though, so its something rather than nothing. The banks website says that “AIB will work with partners to identify suitable environmental projects to benefit from the fund.” However, no details are provided online as to what these projects are.

2 comments On Go Green with your banking

  • How much will they charge to provide a “validated” statement that’s acceptable for mortgage/load applications ?

  • @Des – Not sure. I can’t find any details on the website. It looks as though the Terms and Conditions for the Online Banking from AIB and any costs applied for that account type would be applicable for these statement reprints.

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