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Government to bring back price controls?

This RTE Consumer article refers to comments from the Táiniste last Sunday that the government may look at bringing back price controls to address the issue of the sterling euro conversion / dual pricing controversy.

According to Ms. Coughlan:

“What I have said to the groceries people is if we do not see a passing on of the sterling differential then draconian action may have to be taken.”

This suggestion has received a thumbs down from the Chief Executive of the Consumers Association of Ireland who said price control was the last thing consumers needed, especially in a recession.

“Once that happens competition goes out the window,” he said. “When that happens all prices find the one level at whatever is the highest possible price”.

What do you think? Given all the complaints that consumers have been voicing in the past 6 to 9 months, could price controls be the solutions to all our problems?

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