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Help out by taking part in a taxi survey

In the past here on ValueIreland.com, myself and taxi drivers haven’t always seen eye to eye. However, here’s my olive branch. I received this email recently, and am passing it on in case anyone has strong feelings about the taxi service in Dublin.

My name is Steve Quinn I’m an MSc student in DCU, and I’m completing my dissertation this year. I’m doing research on Dublin’s taxi industry. I’ve been keeping an eye on the site for the last month or so, and though there hasn’t been much chatter about taxi service, I think it’s something that’s becoming a conversation starter.

The ultimate aim of the research is to improve the working conditions and service level of the taxi service as a whole. I’d like to get the opinions of those in the community who have differing mobility needs, because it has been suggested that Ireland’s (in particular Dublin) Taxi service does not meet these demands.

Click here for the customer survey. HERE is the survey for taxi drivers.

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