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Irelands crap tourism promotion

I’ve received a few e-mails in the past couple of weeks about how useless people think Tourism Ireland are when it comes to how they promote Ireland across the world. This could be in response to one of the more popular posts on the site recently was this one about how Maurice Pratt got a nice cushy job with some tourism quango/committee.

I’m following up on one or two issues myself based on some information received – I’m not saying they’re another FAS, but then again, they don’t have the FAS budget.

One e-mail I can share with you, is went as follows:

Hi… I registered last week with tripadvisor.com and they kindly sent a freebie publication of 50 best holiday locations in the world as voted by their users.  No surprise then that Irealnd gets no mention whatsoever…  And this, at a time, when we’re collectively hoping that old reliables such a sTourism will sustain a part of the economy.
If you register with TripAdvisor, you’ll receive a copy.  i have no vested interest in any of this – just disappointed at Tourism Ireland and Failte Ireland spending €110m collectively to achieve very little.

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