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More from the Consumers Association about Price Controls

Last week I wrote about the mixed signals coming from the Consumers Association of Ireland – where the Chief Executive and vice Chairman came out on complete opposite sides of Mary Coughlans suggestion that price controls may be brought back.

One thing from the comments on The Last Word with Matt Cooper on TodayFM from Michael Kilcoyne, the CAI vice Chairman struck me as completely bizarre:

And I think though, also, that there are many areas that are under the direct control of government like local authority service charges that would have to have the same controls. It may well be fine to impose controls on the private sector, I think it should also apply where there are services provided by the state.

Remember, price controls are being mentioned as a possible solution to the dual pricing sterling to euro conversion rate controversy that’s been rolling on for months now.

So where the hell would local government charges be relevant to all this? Why raise this issue on national radio when it’s got nothing to do with the issue at hand? Surely the price of services provided by the state are by their very nature price controlled?

Local government elections coming up in Mayo in June maybe?

3 comments On More from the Consumers Association about Price Controls

  • You’re probably right about the Mayo local elections Value Ireland. Mr Kilcoyne will be a busy man electioneering soon – maybe he wont have time to represent us consumers what with being SIPTUs man in the west and trying to keep his members in work.

  • Consumers everywhere can heave a sigh of relief…

  • I saw Mr. Kilcoyne on Prime Time last night as well talking in the studio about the ripoff that are some premium rate text and ringtone services – something I actually highlighted last Saturday.

    If I was a candidate in the same area as Mr. Kilcoyne I’d be upset at how he’s exploiting his CAI profile to boost his own personal one.

    These kind of tv appearances are more of the “reactive” commentary that I had a problem with while a director of the CAI.

    If the CAI really wanted to sort things out for consumers, they’d start their own campaigns and initiatives rather than just reacting to whatever other people are talking about.

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