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RecessionBusTours.ie – I’d probably avoid this service!

I read with interest in the Sunday Tribune that a new service is being set up to drive shoppers by bus to Newry from various different parts of Ireland to go shopping, and then taking them back and their shopping back by van to be delivered to their door.

The service, being provided by RecessionBusTours.ie, seems like a fantastic service – and at great value as well – normally €40, but with a special opening offer of €40.

Having done a little digging around, if I were an Irish consumer, I’d give this service a miss though. There’s too many things that I wouldn’t be happy about to satisfy me about availing of the service. That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with it, but I just wouldn’t be happy.


  • The .ie version of the website name is registered to a company, Urban Vision Developments Ltd., which is actually listed for Strike Off by the Company Registration Office as of January this year.
  • That I can see, the .com version registration information is hidden from normal viewing – itself suspicious. What is there to hide?
  • There are no “real people” associated with the website, nor even with the newspaper article in the Sunday Tribune.
  • The address provided on the website is completely different from the registered address of the company who has actually registered the domain name.
  • The site accepts credit and debit card information in order to confirm bookings, but there is no contact telephone number available should customers wish to follow up on any problems.
  • Though there is an address provided, it is sufficiently vague to be of little use for someone that may need to follow up. “Bertram Court” seems to be an apartment block, so at the very least a number should be provided.
  • Not an issue in itself, since Fine Gael have done this in the past, but the website itself was created by a Northern Ireland company, despite all the other key address being based in Dublin.

There’s enough potential issues there to make me very wary about submitting my credit or debit card information to this website (though it does seem to provide the required online security for such transactions).

I wonder did Mark Hilliard from the Sunday Tribune get to speak to the people behind this business, or did the information for the article come from only just the website.

For the moment then, my advice would be to avoid RecessionBusTours.ie. If anyone has dealt with them and is willing to give details, please contact me via the Contact Page.

3 comments On RecessionBusTours.ie – I’d probably avoid this service!

  • As the owner and just getting this venture ‘off the ground’ there have been a few teething problems, which I am in the process of ironing out. Since this article I have added the full address, telephone and mobile numbers of recessionbustours.ie and am willing to take any calls on people’s worries or issues they may have to ensure this is a fully legitimate service. My aim is to provide the Irish consumer with a fantastic service to survive in these tough times. I have reduced the cost to €30 to show my commitment to value. If people want to telephone me I will book you a seat without credit card details being asked for or answer in details any queries you may have. Thank you.

  • Thanks for the heads up on this. I heard the guy behind this on Matt Cooper and wanted to find out more.

    There’s a bit about it over on Boards.ie, but the only two people who’ve used the service are members of Boards.ie only in the last week with 2 posts and 5 posts.

    Looks like self-promotion tactics to me.

    Anyone else used the service? I don’t drive, so it’d be a great service for me.

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