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Ryanair and Aer Lingus – Spot the Difference

During last week, a reader of ValueIreland.com told us about comparing the price of flights to London with Aer Lingus and Ryanair. The differents was less that €1.

Given the recent attempts by Ryanair to take over Aer Lingus and the widespread opposition on the basis of the need for competition, the conclusion of our reader was that at the prices they saw, they might as well be the same company.

Even recently, Ryanair have copied Aer Lingus by dropping loads of flights out of Shannon. You’d have to wonder how long they’ll be before bringing the flights back again, as Aer Lingus have announced.

I wonder, then, how long also before Aer Lingus announce that they’re going to copy the recent Ryanair announcement that they’re going to strictly enforce the one bag of cabin baggage per person – or else charge €30 for each bag of duty free.

And here’s the excuse that Aer Lingus will give – “Today’s increase reflects the general pricing structure across the industry.” In other words, we’re doing it because Ryanair did it, and they got away with it because customers pay the extra charges.

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