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What happens when a multi-pack is broken up and sold separately?

Irish News of the World

22nd February, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane

What happens when a multi-pack is broken up and sold separately?

It’s becoming more noticeable in recent times that many stores are selling items individually that originally were part of a multi-pack. These products when sold separately normally have a label on them somewhere saying “Not to be sold separately. Part of a Multipack”

Is this allowed? Are the shops breaking any laws?

By doing this, shops aren’t breaking any kind of “multi-pack” laws or regulations, so there’s no reason why they wouldn’t do this.

In fact, in many situations, they may actually be making more money from us poor consumers by doing it as multi-packs may have been sold to the shop at a cheaper cost than if they’d bought the items separately.

The shops, however, may risk losing the good will of their suppliers who gave them the discount in the first place – though, in these difficult times, suppliers might not care as long as they’re still selling their products.

The only problem that might occur is if the legal labelling is incorrect – not meeting the requirements for nutrition and ingredient information. If this information was on the wrapper for the multi-pack, and isn’t on the individual items, then the shopkeeper may fall foul of the law.

1 comments On What happens when a multi-pack is broken up and sold separately?

  • So basicaly its not ilegal to say sell big quantitys say in clubs from a multi pack unless the netritional infomation is not displayed becuase i thought it was eligal to do so like going to a shop buying 100 multi pack things of cans and selling the individualy for say 50p there for making you an huge profit but i gess the suplyer dont care unles they get there money realy and thanks for the info

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