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Stamp out this Greed

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February 8th, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane

What happens when the price of my pint goes up after 11.30pm?

We’ve all noticed when we’re on a night out when suddenly the price of our pint goes from €5.50 to €6.30 or more after 11.30pm. But what can actually we do?

Short answer is not a whole lot unfortunately. You could go elsewhere, but so many pubs are doing this now, you might not be able to avoid this blatant rip off tactic.

If you’re really bothered, the best you can do is try to get your own back on the greedy landlords. Legally, pubs are obliged to display their prices so that they’re visible from the street, or immediately inside the door. If you notice that the price has changed during the night, you could check the price list to see if the prices match.

If the price of the pint is different to the price list, you can report the pub to the National Consumer Agency for breaching pricing regulations. Ridiculously though, fines for breaking these regulations can only go up to €300.

4 comments On Stamp out this Greed

  • I think if anyone has a problem with this they should have a chat with their local TD.

    Before the new licensing laws came in a late opening pub could have a theatre licence that cost a set amount for a month and allowed late opening.

    The recent revision means that the cost per night for a pub that formerly held a theatre license to open late is now similar to what they used to pay per month.

    Here’s the lobby http://www.giveusthenight.com

    I think this is really an instance of big-mammy government than rip off republic.

  • As someone from Canada with some familiarity of Dublin, it’s surprising to see this article taking a tone of “glass half full”.

    Maybe the price of a pint before 11.30 is actually a cheap special offer, and the price after 11.30 is the normal price?

  • @Thomas Brunkard – I’m not really sure where you’re coming from there. Not sure what the government would have to do with some pubs increasing prices after certain times.

    @mapleleafer – You’re right. We should be looking on the brighter side 🙂

  • Sorry, will calrify.

    I have a background doing some work for bars and the recent changes in licensing laws have increased the cost of running a late bar exponentially.

    I was advocating for the devil by suggesting that dual pricing is a by-product of draconian nanny-state drink laws.

    That said, not clearly advertising the pricing in a pub is poor form.

    Dude, get a wider comment box form!

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