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The “Golden Circle” – Ten becomes six

So last week I published this post, Can you identify the Anglo Irish Bank “Golden Circle”? Win €100 for the 10 names!.

I did preface everything by saying that we could have a bit of fun with it, but the response has been unbelievable. Obviously Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan or Sean Fitzpatrick or Pat Neary wouldn’t have been interested in revealing what they may or may not know for a measly €100, but lots of people were up for the bit of fun.

Based on submitted guesses, the following is interesting:

  • The seven most popular names show up on 75% of the entries received so far.
  • The next two most popular names appear on 50% of the entries
  • Over 50 different names have been sent in in total

It would be fair to say, that when it comes to guessing the names, it’s more “the usual suspects” than “the golden circle”.

Based on news coverage so far, we’ve had 2 people drop out of contention – Fintan Drury and Ulick “they’re all heroes” McEvaddy.

And then yesterday, the Sunday Times claims that it could confirm 4 of the golden circle – Gerry Gannon, Joe O’Reilly, Seamus Ross and Jerry Conlon.

While 3 of those 4 were popular guesses, it was Joe O’Reilly that caught most people out – none of the submissions received included his name.

Interestingly, 2 of the 4 were included in this article in the Irish Independent back in January. I wonder if any of the others are in the golden circle as well.

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