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Irish News of the World
February 1st, 2009
Diarmuid MacShane

The world’s best passenger complaint letter?

Did you see the letter on the internet this week where a Virgin Airlines passenger wrote to Richard Branson complaining about the food quality and television service on a flight from Mumbai to Heathrow last December? It’s being described as the “worlds funniest passenger complaint letter”.

But it’s not the most effective – in fact, as a customer complaint letter, it’s completely useless.

The letter might be funny, but it isn’t very polite – one of the key requirements for an effective complaint. To complain properly, you should also be very clear and concise – but this letter is long and rambling.

When complaining, it is also important that you complain to the right person and explain clearly what you want the company to do in order to make everything better again.

While this passenger wrote directly to the airline boss himself, he didn’t explain to Mr. Branson what he should do in order to fix the problems experienced by the customer.

And in the end, according to newspaper reports, Virgin did nothing except say that they were sorry that the passenger wasn’t happy – there were no refunds, no complementary tickets and not even a free pen at the end of it all!

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