Where can you get a cheap coffee?

I was in Wexford last weekend and came across a Centra where their coffee was on sale for €1. Which got me thinking about the ridiculous prices for coffee in Dublin (and the short measures as well).

Then today, I get an e-mail in with details of a 99c coffee on sale in Dublin – and even with a picture attached as well. I don’t know the shop – I don’t even know where Stephen Street is, but for 99c, if you’re in the market for buying your coffee out, then it’s a great offer.

According to the detail that came with the e-mail release:

Dan Killalea standing outside his shop in Stephens Street News just 2 minutes from Grafton Street. Today he introduced the 99 cent Coffee – Freshly Ground top notch finely roasted Italian Coffee at that. Business tripled for the day. Herbal Teas and plains teas also 99cent.
This madness must end soon.

Now, before you get me wrong here – spending money on buying coffee out is probably not the best way to spend your money. It’s one of the most popular money saving tips given whenever any newspaper articles are published advising us on how to spend our cash.

I’m mostly in agreement if you normally buy coffee every morning, and lunch time, but if it’s just a special treat every so often, then no harm there – we still need to treat ourselves!

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3 Responses to Where can you get a cheap coffee?

  1. GARY July 23, 2009 at 11:50 #

    CAFE DIVINO on Bachelors walk is selling a 12oz cappuccino ,latte, hot chocolate or tea for only 1 Euro ! TAKE AWAY .I get it regulary and its really a good coffee !

  2. tony September 2, 2009 at 08:07 #

    On my walk into work I’ve gone into 3 different coffee shops, I’m an americano drinker, Cafe Di Napoli(€2.10) on , Nude (€2.35) on Suffolk Street and Keoghs(€2) on trinity street. Cafe Di Napoli does by far the best coffee, Nude’s coffee is too expensive and bitter, Keoghs is ok (they have a better selection of sweet stuff though)


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