Why some businesses deserve to go out of business!

This post a couple of weeks ago on CheapEats.ie told us how Brasserie 66 were conning potential customers. Basically, they had a poster on their window all the time offering a 2-for-1 deal on Monday thru Thursday evenings.

But a reader of CheapEats.ie found out that this offer was really only on offer at the whim of the manager. If the manager decided the offer was on, a separate sandwich board would be placed outside.

So, if things looked like they might be quiet, the board would go out but if it looked like a busy night in town, then the offer was withheld.

This is a shocking way for a business to treat potential customers – or even regular customers who may return for the offer.

This is a definitely matter for the National Consumer Agency as what Brasserie 66 are doing is an offence under the Consumer Protection Act 2007. This act states that it is illegal for a business to make false or misleading claims about goods, services or prices. More details on NCA site here.

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