Buying Irish for St. Patricks Day?

There was a press release sent out just before the weekend from Minister for State, Tony Killeen. He’s not necessarily calling on our patriotic duty, but he is encouraging us to Buy Irish – something that I’ve called for consistently in the past.

“I would ask consumers to purchase local this year in solidarity with domestic producers who like everyone else have felt the effects of the economic recession,” stated the Minister of State.

He continued, “Shoppers can avail of a wide range of quality Irish produce including the best of Irish vegetables and Irish meats, which are fully traceable from farm to fork. Complemented by our quality seafood produce, this is as it should be for a nation that prides itself on being the Food Island.”

Minister of State Killeen noted, “For its part, the Government has demonstrated its commitment to our most important indigenous industry through the range of supports it is implementing under our Agri-Vision Plan to ensure the further development of a competitive, sustainable, innovative food industry producing quality products for the most discerning of consumers.”

Meanwhile, the Junior Agriculture Minister has said that Irish agri-food products would be promoted across the world over the coming days as 15 Government Ministers and An Taoiseach Brian Cowen prepared to celebrate St Patrick’s Day abroad.

“The St. Patrick’s Day celebrations are an absolutely key and unique annual opportunity for Ireland to showcase itself throughout the world. Countries like Germany, England, Australia, Italy, Brazil, Canada and the United States present a significant export outlet for Irish agri-food products. We must continue to develop new market and employment opportunities for agri-food exporters throughout the world,” concluded Minister of State Killeen.

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  1. Lee March 16, 2009 at 16:03 #

    This is a great post, and really drives home the importance of eating locally grown food, wherever local is for you.

  2. Serial Complainer March 21, 2009 at 16:39 #

    Perhaps the Minister should have sent the press release to his FF colleagues who brought in US ‘experts’ to rebuild their website, instead of using the many locally available web experts.


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