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Coffee Special Offers – again

I wrote about this before, but I think it’s worth mentioning again. The Insomnia coffee shop lunch deal is hard to beat at the moment when it comes to competition for lunch business in the Dublin 2 area at least.

For €5, you get your sandwich and any sized coffee. The best thing about this particular offer is that it’s any sandwich they sell, not “special” (read plain and boring) sandwiches that are on offer from Café Sol for example.

This week, my sandwich was €5.25 on its own, and I still got my coffee on top of that for €5 – normal cost €8.50. Obviously there are cheaper ways to have lunch, but if this is your thing, then it’s pretty good value in my book.

That said, the 3 cheese and ham sandwich in the new Costa Coffee on Dawson Street is really taking my fancy these days. Yum yum!

5 comments On Coffee Special Offers – again

  • Wow – every penny counts these days – and that’s 350 of them you’ve saved. Pity there’s none close to me in Ballsbridge :-/

  • i work in the dublin 2/8 area and have done much research into the cheapest lunch options. there is the centra on dame st just up from ulster bank that does a particular roll of the week for €1.77 and if you add wedges it’s €2.50 all together. the rolls are usually ham and salad or chicken tikka or something not so bad.

  • It’s a brilliant offer – I’m a big fan of coffee at Insomnia so it suits me down the ground. You always get 2 shots of coffee at Insomnia, which is great, and the sandwiches are nice too.

    To the first commenter, the Toy Man, there is an Insomnia in Ballsbridge! It’s right in the middle of Ballsbridge, beside Spar.

  • Insomnia five euro deal is good but if you order a large coffee and pay the large coffee price beware that this coffee is the middle size with more water added. I explained to the manager I expected more coffee for more money-reply…shop policy. Its the same in all branches. I complained to their head office-no reply. I complained to the price commission-not breaking any laws. I drink coffee elsewhere now, I don’t like being ripped off.

  • @william eccles – Thanks for the comment.

    I’ll be following up on Insomnia in the next week or so with a furter post.

    I too have stopped buying from them.

    It’s pretty shoddy customer service that you couldn’t get any feedback from the company.

    Who is the “price commission” that you refer to, by the way?

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