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Contract Terms also need a little common sense

There was a story recently in the Irish Times about problems encountered by the Trocadero Restaurant when having a new carpet fitted.

It’s worth reading the article linked above. While I only know as much about the story as is in the article, it shows how even though contracts are entered into between two parties to get work done, it is also very necessary that people show a little common sense when it comes to getting everything finished to everyones satisfaction.

In this case, it’s obvious that the carpet fitter was having problems meeting their side of the contract because of supplier issues, but to counter than they had been reducing their charges accordingly to keep their customer onside.

While you can appreciate the frustration of the owner of the restaurant, the comments of the Judge are instructive for all of us, I think:

Judge Deery said Se Quirk Contract Carpets, Ravens Rock Road, Sandyford, Dublin, had been ready to complete the contract on the day their fitters had been turned away. A delay of one more day would not have been critical or constitute a right to breach the agreement.

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