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How can shops get away with pricing differences like this?

We received an e-mail from a reader of ValueIreland.com earlier this week.

If i go into a chemist shop Roscommon and buy a pack of Nurofen plus 24 for 7.50 euro,s .Then if i go to a chemist 3 doors down from the first chemist and purchase the exact same product  they charge me 7.85 euro,s ? How can they do this?

Unfortunately, shops (and chemists) can do as they chose in situations like this. There are no price controls on the items that you purchased, so they are essentially free to charge whatever they wish. It then just leaves it up to us consumers to work out where the best value is to be had.

2 comments On How can shops get away with pricing differences like this?

  • That is what you call competition. If you didn’t have that, then the prices will be higher. No competition means you pay much more …

  • Try and get a quotation for a prescription? Perhaps its time to push the chemists and not pay the ridiculous prices charged.

    Why in any other European country there are many items that can be bought over the counter but not here.

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