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Komplett.ie – being forced to learn about customer service?

I’ve written before about customer service problems with Komplett.ie. Last week, I received an e-mail from Des who detailed his own customer service problems with them, and how they were resolved through an intervention from the Environmental Protection Agency.

I realise that you (and a lot of us) often complain about the NCA who have shown themselves to be poor.

However I had an issue with Komplett and their refusal to collect WEEE (an old TV). I contacted the EPA and they reminded Komplett of their obligations on the same day.

It might be no harm to publicise the guys who DO support the consumer.

The original posts from Des are here and here.

1 comments On Komplett.ie – being forced to learn about customer service?

  • Thanks for psoting that Diarmuid.

    It’s no harm for some good stories to make the news and maybe it might be helpful for anyone else that gets the brushoff from a company.

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