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O2 overcharging me again – check your texts this time

I meant to write about this last week, but it’s been a busy enough week. I received my monthly text message from O2 informing me that my bill was available online, so I went in and had a check.

I ended up having to ring them again to get a refund as this time they were charging me 32c for text messages I sent to a mate in Limerick that should have come from my monthly bundle. The reason for the charge was that their system recognised the messages as being roaming texts. Roaming when I was in Dublin and he was in Limerick. I don’t think so!

Now, I will admit, I rang to get a refund of 64c on my bill. Not a whole lot, I accept.

Then again, it’s the principle of the thing. That’s my money, and not theirs. And you could look at it in another way – practice!

Many people are too shy to ring up businesses to complain, no matter what the problem might be. Calling up for small simple things like O2 overcharging on two text messages can be great practice for when you might have to ring up someone else to get a larger amount of money refunded at a later time.

So, two things for now:

  1. Check your O2 bill to make sure you haven’t been charged for roaming text messages when you haven’t actually left the country.
  2. No matter how much money is involved, if you’ve been overcharged anywhere, complain. That counts for being short changed as well. Consider it good practice for when it might really matter.

3 comments On O2 overcharging me again – check your texts this time

  • I signed up to O2 broadband for €19.99 a month. Just got my first monthly bill for €375.84! I must have missed something in the small print. Come back eircom, all is forgiven.

  • Also signed up for there €19.99 braodband package including 5GB, just got my bill on the 12th of July 2009 and they are looking for €145 even though I got them to cap it at 5GB last month because the bill was €41 instead of €29…wtf is going on with them, were in a recession and they charge prices they know customers can’t afford and don’t even warn them.

  • well … O2 are looking for 600€ from me for over allowance of 15GB monthly!
    they did this before and fair enough gave me a credit …
    This time no such look!
    They have a mysterious Tech Dept who won’t speak to customers!!!
    Part of the 600 they are looking for includes a period when I wasn’t even in the country!
    But the insist “Tech Dept” checked and said the charges are right!
    Why should we be expected to accept the word of this “Tech Dept” without any explanation other than they say it was checked and it is right???????????????

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