Top Tip for Saving Money Online

Irish News of the World

Sunday March 22nd, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane

Top Tip for Saving Money Online

You may have heard about a number of scam attempts e-mails on the internet recently. These phishing attacks (trying to trick people into providing personal information on fake websites) involved scammers pretending to send e-mails from AIB, Bank of Ireland, the Revenue Commissioners and some recruitment companies pretending to have jobs available.

The standard advice is to never go to any site by clicking on a link that comes in an e-mail – no matter how legitimate the link looks. You should also never reply to such e-mails providing any personal details – no matter what you’re asked to do.

If you do want to follow up on an e-mail from a company, just go straight to their website rather than via the link. If you’re in any doubt, call the company and ask them about the e-mail.

Another top tip recommends is to have a special credit card if you’re a regular shopper online. If you have a smaller limit on this card, if your card is ever compromised, you won’t lose out too much.

With less transactions, it will also be easier to keep track of transactions and anything suspicious should jump out at you a lot quicker.

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