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American Type Deals Arrive in Ireland

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Sunday March 29th, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane

American Type Deals Arrive in Ireland

Here on ValueIreland.com I’ve written many times about how great it would be if Irish business started adopting many of the best customer service practices that we experience whenever we’re in the United States.

Related to the coffee story, one wonders why Irish cafes and restaurants don’t see the same benefit in offering the “free refill” on hot and cold drinks.

Recently, both a car company and a clothing shop have adopted a novel way of encouraging people to spend their money. Known as the “redundancy refund”, these businesses are offering customers a full refund on the purchase of a car or a suit if they become redundant.

Only this week then, it was brilliant to see the redundancy refunds arriving in Ireland.

Sunway Holidays have introduced a new redundancy refunds policy, hoping that it might calm the concerns of those people who might be crying out for a holiday, but are worried about what might happen in their jobs.

Unfortunately, the small print says it’s only valid on bookings made between March 23rd and April 30th, but for travel from May 1st to October 29th, and you must be made redundant at least 1 month before you travel.

I’m still excited to see this kind of innovation being introduced into Ireland. Here’s hoping more companies can be as forward thinking. Check out Sunway.ie for more details.

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