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Anyone conned by the sacking of 5 junior ministers?

You may have seen the front page headline in the Irish Independent yesterday morning telling us that the 5 junior ministers who are losing their jobs will get a severance package of €53,000 each.

Apparently that’s the compensation they’ll receive over two years for losing their position.

You got that?

So, in order to cut costs, we’re cutting 5 ministries, but still paying all the associated costs for the next 2 years.

I’ve written about this political chicanery and smoke and mirrors tactics regarding junior ministers before – here and here.

There’s no coincidence that the Taoiseach announced the sacking of the junior ministers on the night before the budget – trying to make us think that the politicians were going to feel the pain as well.

Apart from the fact that the govermnet have already back down on pretty every other cost saving measure announced in the budget related to politicians.

And as I said in the original post, it’s not like there are any other savings whatsoever from removing these 5 junior ministers.

The offices that they used will still be a government expense – they couldn’t get rid of them now anyway if they tried.

And the junior ministerial staff will still be kept on and reallocated (or to sit around and do nothing) since the civil servants won’t be losing their positions.

And all to save how much money? €250,000 over 2 years? The same amount spent on government jets?

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