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Can anyone sell rugby tickets in this country without screwing up?

Bit of a rugby theme today after this mornings post.

After the IRFU made a complete balls last August of trying to sell tickets for the Autumn Internationals and the 6 Nations, I made the following comment:

You’d have to wonder why, really, an organisation like the IRFU would even get involved in selling tickets in this way. It’s obviously not their area of expertise, nor even of those they’ve got doing the job for them at the moment.

Ticketmaster don’t field international rugby teams, so why are the IRFU selling tickets through the internet. Are they just that greedy for cash that they do it all for the extra €8 fees and charges over and above the €340 for the tickets?

Well, as we’ve seen in the past week, even Ticketmaster are having problems trying to sell rugby tickets for the upcoming Heineken Cup semi-final in Croke Park between Munster and Leinster.

A couple of people asked me over the weekend about the statements coming from the Leinster branch regarding the consequences of them finding Munster supporters sitting in the Leinster allocated seating.

To my mind, given the terms and conditions of the tickets purchased already, there can be no consequences for the people sitting in the seats. Unlike soccer matches in England, there is no segregated seating areas, so a Munster person sitting in the Leinster area wouldn’t be breaking the terms of the ticket purchase.

However, the Leinster Branch can levy punishment on any clubs who’s ticket allocations end up in Munster hands.

I wonder what will the Leinster Branch do about any Leinster Season Ticket holders who are actually Munster fans and wear their red jersies to the game while sitting in the Leinster Season Ticket holder section. It’s happened before!

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