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Check out the “Buy Irish Rap”

Buy Irish Rap

We need to buy Irish
And save the economy
Out of this recession
Is where we wannabe

Every single day
People are losing their jobs
And outside of the dail
They’re forming angry mobs.

Everyone’s sad
And feeling down
You need to buy Irish
To wipe away that frown

Maybe what we need
Is another election
To help point our economy
In the right direction

Government’s gone bust
It’s all over the news
And it really doesn’t
Help those recession blues

So just buy Irish
Put the country back on it’s feet
And then that recession
We will have beat!!

Buy Irish, Buy Irish, Buy Irish! Word!!

By Orlaith Whelan and Niamh Barry

Aged 13

8 comments On Check out the “Buy Irish Rap”

  • “As we’ve always said here, while there are some excuses for pricing differences between north and south, the size of the difference can’t be justified and has to be retailers simply ripping off Irish consumers. It’s unfortunate, but the only thing for it is for us to not shop in these stores until they bring their prices down to more realistic levels.”

    I find it hard to reconcile this comment with urges elsewhere on the website to “buy Irish”. Dunnes & co are ripping off their own. There’s an inherent greed here that pushes Irish retailers to charge high prices simply because they can: the Irish will pay them out of misguided loyalty / deference / not knowing any better; I can’t explain why they go on accepting it. Hopefully now they’re seeing the light.

  • wow!!! this is great!!! i think it’s fantastic!!!!!!!

  • This rap is great I really enjoyed it!

  • Well done girls!

    Maybe add a line about buying where Irish is good value.

    My local supermarket has really reduced prices and in some cases is cheaper than Dunnes. I am shopping there again.

  • @Anon(1) – please see my response to you other comment.

  • i think this rap is great.these girls are obviously very intelligent. well done girls

  • these girls are in my class i love there rap its brill!!


  • dis rap is gr8 deese girls r in my class ur rap is brill luv it!!!!!!!!!!

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