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Conrad job losses – from a different angle

What’s easier in this day and age – cut costs or attract new business? Given that business was so easy to come by in the good old days of the Celtic Tiger, maybe business don’t even know how to attract new business now that it’s harder to come by.

In a lot of cases, maybe “marketing” people were really only sales people with fancy titles and brighter rules and now that things are tougher, they’re being found out.

This question came to mind yesterday following this news report on the RTE website

The Conrad Hotel is to cut 32 jobs as part of a restructuring programme.

Unfortunately the hotel has not been immune to these challenges and has had to evaluate staffing levels in relation to business needs.

Last January, I spent a Friday evening in the Conrad at a “do”.  I got there early, about 5.45, and met a few friends in the downstairs bar.

The “do” wasn’t to kick off until 8pm, yet the bar we were in shut down at 7pm.

Yep, a bar in the city centre of Dublin was closing it’s doors at 7pm. No drinking problems in the Earlsfort Terrace area.

We did ask a member of staff what was going on and were told that it was management policy to close early for some time as they were getting no customers.

We asked what they had done to try to attract new customers, but the staff member had no answer apart from “nothing as far as I could see”.

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