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Dept. Foreign Affairs – Wasting money on value for money report

I came across this by chance a little while ago, and though I don’t know the full details, it strikes me as another perfect example of how the clowns running this country (politicians and civil servants) have a complete disregard for the money that we’re paying in taxes.

We have a full government department responsible for creating “value for money” reports – the Comptroller and Auditor General. The work carried out by this office is sometimes useful, though most of the time you get the feeling they’re pissing against the wind when it comes to actually achieving anything given the scale of the waste they’re up against, and their inability to actually institute change.

But anyway. That’s their job – or part of it – to create value for moeny reports. According to their website:

Value for Money Reports record the results of examinations into (a) the economy and efficiency with which State bodies acquire, use and dispose of resources (b) the systems, procedures and practices employed by State bodies for evaluation the effectiveness of their operation.

So why the hell, then, is the Department of Foreign Affairs going off to KPMG to have a “Value for Money Review of the Irish Passport Service” created, at no doubt massive expense back in June 2008.

What an absolute waste of €55.782 – though, from this Dail debate, it looks like something Paul Kehoe was following up on anyway – and it seems like its only one of many. Based on a Dail response from Minister Michael Martin, the Department of Foreign Affairs seems quite fond of externally contracting value for money reports – sharing them out nicely amongst many of the Dublin based consultancies in case any of them are feeling left out.

5 comments On Dept. Foreign Affairs – Wasting money on value for money report

  • Ah yes, the tragic irony of it all. Really, why can’t we run this country properly? What’s our problem? I don’t think we’ve fully embraced independence yet. We haven’t fully taken charge of our own destiny. I think of the e-voting machines and I just want to cry. It’s depressing and you feel so helpless!

  • Do we know who these shit irems are ‘outsourced’ to? Who owns these consulting companies? More cronyism, eh? Have you noticed that if the Govt. sends out a postal brochure – who pays for it? Like, if it relates to Insurance, then it will be paid for by an Insurance Company – they don’t spend Govt. money on stuff like this, as they ought to – they’re using that for FAS trips; helicopter rides and the like…or you name it.

  • The really shameful thing about all of this is that there is not one politician with the spine to put their head above the parapet and actually admit that they screwed up. Not one among the current lot is brave enough to tell it like it is. The sooner the IMF come in the better. They could not possible be any worse than what we’ve got

  • Big accounting firms whose consulting arms get these useless reports to do have actually been letting staff go so maybe this crowd we call a govt has been cutting back a bit?

    My suggestion – get unemployed consultants to do necessary reports in return for their dole. Lots of skilled people on the dole now who would want to work. They could train the civil servants to do the reports themselves.

  • Serial Complainer

    The C&AG decide for themselves what projects to focus on, so Govt depts who want to review other areas will often commission their own reports. I know nothing about this particular situation, but there is no evidence of cronyism here. These contracts go through standard procurement procedures, which are far more open and transparent than anything in the private sector.

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