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Dundalk Chamber of Commerce – FAIL

Of all the places to be a little more sensitive than most when it comes to the problems caused to southern Irish businesses by the massive increase in shopping north of the border, you would think that the Dundalk Chamber of Commerce would be close to the top.

Not so according to the Dundalk Argus:

DUNDALK Chamber of Commerce boss Bill Tosh has defended the chamber’s decision to get their Easter flyer which promoted value in Dundalk shops printed across the border.

The ‘Dundalk Fighting Back’ leaflet, which was distributed to homes and businesses in the town, featured offers from 13 local shops and businesses.

The Chamber obtained quotes from two local printers for printing the flyers but went with a Northern Ireland firm after it came in cheaper.

Cheaper is obviously good, and if they’d gone with the more expensive provider, they’d probably have been accused of wasting money, but surely the Chamber could have done things a bit better here.

You probably all recognise Bill Tosh for all his coverage in the national media regarding the difficulties facing his town and the surrounding areas – including this gem following the loss of 400 jobs when Superquinn closed its doors in the town:

Bill Tosh warned businesses in Dundalk would be in major trouble if steps were not taken to make it more attractive than shopping across the Border.

“I went to the Competition Authority and asked them to investigate what is going on. I want them to come to Dundalk and listen to the specific claims we are making about the price differences between the north and south,” he added.

One would have to wonder how any fee paying members of the Dundalk Chamber who are in the printing business feel about how their money’s being spent.

And particularly those members that specifically print flyers and even offer discounts to other Dundalk Chamber members.

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  • You can’t be serious! They got only three quotes all together? I needed to source half a dozen simple ID cards for my company for a short term contract, and in the space of only two hours, I rang ten companies around the country and got quotes from €150 to €25. It wasn’t rocket science. If that’s all the better they can do at shopping, I think they are in the wrong calling. They need lessons from those of us who have learned to survive on shoestring budgets. Oh, wait–they have learned: they went North, like the rest of us.

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