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Irish Consumer Links – Help Please!

The past 6 – 9 months (no, not 5 years, 9 months) have seen a big increase in the number of Irish consumer related websites.

These sites are focusing on many disparate areas of Irish consumer related activities such as eating out, drinking, shopping online, grocery shopping, banking, insurance, and so on.

I’m aware of many of the sites out there already, but I’d like your help in putting together as complete a listing as possible of these sites.

My aim is to put together an “Irish Consumer Links” page that would be a comprehensive resource for Irish consumers of everything that can possibly help in these recessionary times.

So, if you know of a consumer related website offering tips, advice, bargains, special offers and so on to Irish consumers, please post a comment below with a link. Or, if you have a consumer related website that you think should be included in this listing, post a comment also.

I’ll begin in the next few hours and post the listing of sites that I’m aware of. Your assistance will be much appreciated.

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