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More special offer innovation from Insomnia

You really have to hand it to Insomnia the coffee shop for their current marketing campaigns. They’re currently on my boycott list, but their in store advertising caught my eye earlier today.

I wrote before about their sandwich offers, but today I notice they’ve added two more features to their offer.

Now, as well as being able to get coffee and a sandwich for €5, you can now get coffee and a muffin in the mornings for €3 or coffee and a Panini at lunch time for €6.

All very simple, and pretty much covers most of what they sell.

But unfortunately, if you’re on the list, you’re not getting my business.

1 comments On More special offer innovation from Insomnia

  • Why do you feel the need to advertise their special offers if you’re personally boycotting them? Does that not defeat the purpose? Surely your boycotting is aimed at damaging their business on a tiny scale, yet this advert can only help their business – and to a potentially far greater effect than your personal boycotting!!

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