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No April Fools out there

I didn’t manage to catch anyone out yesterday unfortunately! One thing to remember though is that such a merger / union / combination is not unheard of.

There’s a site called the Consumerist.com in the US that I like to model some of the work done here in ValueIreland.com on.

Last December, the Consumerist.com website was bought out by the US equivalent of the Consumers Association of Ireland, the Consumers Union – publisher of the excellent Consumer Reports magazine.

In a scenario that doesn’t fully reflect the difficulties of the CAI here in Ireland:

In a year that has been difficult for magazines, Consumer Reports’ subscription and newsstand sales have risen. Circulation was 4.6 million, up from 4.3 million in 2007. The Web site has 3.3 million subscribers.

However, the average age of a print subscriber is 60, and the average ConsumerReports.org subscriber is 50.

The age profile is, I believe, somewhat similar if not older, but the CAI subscriptions have been falling for the past number of years. The CAI would love a “difficult” year where subscriptions increased by 7% rather than having to count single subscriptions to schools as multiple members for each pupil in the school just to bump up their numbers for the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment when looking for money.

One of the main reasons for the Consumer Union taking over the Consumerist.com website was:

About 76 percent of Consumerist’s readers are 18 to 49, according to Quantcast.

So, to attract a younger audience and a more web savvy set of readers, the magazine publishing Consumer Union bought a consumer website – even though their own website isn’t half bad already.

There’s no mention of the purchase price in any articles I’ve read.

If only the Consumers Association of Ireland would engage online in a more positive pro-active fashion – and I don’t even mean by buying out ValueIreland.com. All my offers to assist with their own web presence while I was involved were not taken up, which basically means Irish consumers are left with this.

1 comments On No April Fools out there

  • The difficulties are not the organisations themselves, rather the parasites that attach themselves to them.

    Like CAI, NCA etc. would be great if they actually DID what they were supposed to.

    Instead, they just get used by the likes of Celia Larkin (30k for 5 meetings!), Dermot Jewel & the other scroungers to feather their own nests.

    Like, Ireland is obviously full to the brim of creative accountants. It’s just a pity they are all so crooked!

    AND that we put up with them by constantly re-electing them, giving them money or esteem via the’cute-hoor admiration syndrome’.

    This place can be so infuriating sometimes!

    ps I actually was fooled by yesterday’s post…..but only for a second.

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