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Overcharged by the Revenue. That’s a new one!

There’s a form called the P21 Balancing Certificate that you can request from the Revenue. I wrote about this previously here.  Basically, if you think you’ve paid too much tax in the year, you can request a P21 to see what you’re due to pay vs what you’ve paid. If the Revenue owes you a refund, you can expect a cheque in the post as well.

It’s especially useful to request this form if you’ve either had to pay extra tax in a particular year (as a result of extra income from dividends, interest etc), or if you’ve claimed extra tax credits for any reason – basically if anything changed from the normal or ordinary in any given year.

On thing to remember though.

If the P21 form comes through telling you that you owe more tax, double check with the Revenue in case they’re overcharging you. You never know.

I received my 2007 P21 in the post earlier this week with a charge for over €500 on it, which they were going to take from me by reducing my tax credits for the next 2 years.

I didn’t think it was right so I rang them and after 5 minutes I discovered that the Revenue actually owed me money, rather than me owing them.

I suppose no one is above a little overcharging here and there, not even the Revenue. God knows, they need as much as they can get these days.

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  • Apropos, why doesn’t the Revenue operate a normal account system? I had a refund due of €59 due to a mis-alignment of numbers (finger prob!!). I suugested they keep it against next years tax, they said they couldn’t…. How much did it cost to isseu the cheque….

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