The Sun supports Irish consumers – sort of, maybe

This e-mail arrived in the inbox a couple of weeks ago.

Seems the Sun newspaper has decided to champion the consumer in the fact that irish consumers pay more for retail goods over the UK consumer  (see april 3 rd edition), marks and spencer and some other retailers were named and shamed and they are asking the public to call in and tell them of more nasty rip of retailers. So i did and told them of one i know.

However it wasnt the one they wanted to hear, when i informed  this rip off retailer was her company the SUN the lady on the phone said lady said “point taken” and put the phone down!. So suprising then that the Sun newspaper in the uk only costs 30 PENCE and the Sun in ireland costs 90 CENTS. Myself i have called them preiousley regarding this matter but with no reply. It does smack of the kettle calling the pot black dont you think.


I’m not familiar with this campaign, though I have checked the paper on a couple of occasions to see what they have to say. I’m told that my friends in the Consumers Association of Ireland are also involved. Lets hope their involvement in this campaign has more effect than the ill-fated Q102 Ignore that Store campaign before Christmas.

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  1. ed May 3, 2009 at 16:19 #

    Great stuff!
    Although consistency of argument is rarely a strong point of red-tops.

    Reminds me of, I think it was, the Daily Mail, who in the Irish edition were pro-cervical cancer treatment, and in the UK edition were completely opposed to it… nice!

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