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Ticketmaster – Overcharging rugby fans

Over the years, ValueIreland.com has received many e-mails from Ticketmaster complaining about being ripped off through their extra charges when buying tickets from them. While these charges are entirely legal despite peoples complaints, this week has seen the first incidence of Ticketmaster actually overcharging customers.

According to this article from Saturdays Irish Independent:

Ticketmaster said a “minor glitch” had arisen that led to a number of fans paying an incorrect service charge for the tie between Munster and Leinster.

They were charged €5.25 instead of €4.50 on tickets for the hotly anticipated Heineken Cup semi-final at Croke Park on May 2.

Ticketmaster said only a small number of fans were overcharged, as the error was noticed quickly.

Check out here to see the full list of overcharging shame in Ireland since 2004.

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