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Vodafone added to overcharging list of shame, again

Vodafone has been added to the overcharging list of shame for the fourth time now since I started compiling it in 2004. They’re no almost as prevalent on the list as the Irish banks – not an illustrious claim to fame.

This time, according to the irish Independent, Vodafone has overcharged 100,000 of their bill-pay customers by upwards on €900,000. For about 60% of those impacted, the refund will be about €6.

In a perfect example of the need to check your bills, even online bills which many Vodafone bill-pay customers will have, this issue was only identified after a Vodafone customer checked their bill after seeing unusually high charges and contacted the company.

Since November 2004 since this overcharging list of shame was started, 1,701,628 Irish Consumers have been overcharged a massive total of €624,060,500 by Irish Businesses and the Government.

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