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Centra Special Offers

From yesterday, Centra will be renewing their recent Smart Savings Meal Deals that have already been running throughout their 480 stores nationwide for the past two weeks.

The offers, Breakfast for €2, Lunch for €3 and Dinner for €5 seem like great value if you just want to nip out to top up at any time during the day. From yesterday, a whole new set of offers are being provided to customers. Details from the Centra press release are as follows:

Following on from the recent wrap/pasta salad/water lunch offer, Centra is offering a lunch deal of Centra Good to Go Lasagne + Centra Good to Go Wedges + Can of Coke for just €4 across its stores.

For consumers in search of an evening meal which is both quick and tasty but don’t want to spend more than €5, Centra is offering Centra Steakhouse Chips + Centra Cheese Pizza/Pepperoni Pizza + Centra Garlic Toasties for just €5 for the lot.

There’s also a little treat on offer in Centra stores over the next three weeks. For just €2 Centra customers will be able to pick up a freshly brewed Centra Good To Go tea or coffee and a pack of Maltesers.

I’m not a big fan of the “cut out the coffee and latte” brigade. While you can save money if you normally buy them every day, or a couple of times a day, but as a special treat or filling a space if you’re caught short, there’s nothing wrong with looking after yourself every now and then.

What I like more about this campaign than the prices is the fact that businesses are trying things to keep their customers happy. Some businesses just expect their customers to keep coming not matter what. But today, when everyone is watching their cash a bit more, it’s a great sign that businesses can, and more should, do in order to keep their customers happy and to try to attract new ones.

David McWilliams tells us that the “Breakfast Roll” man is no more, but I guess we could have the “Scone and Coffee” man taking over soon if he’s going to be able to stock up every morning for €2.

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