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Customer Service – what to do, and what not to do – some more thoughts

I wrote this post yesterday about a readers problems with Setanta Sports and their customer service (a little unfairly in my opinion).

One thing that did come to mind though was the fact that the reader had e-mailed customer service multiple times, but didn’t appear to have rung them at all.

While we all use e-mails in our day to day lives now, and many of us have jobs that involve responding to e-mails in a timely manner, many companies still don’t treat e-mail in the same way.

Obviously, Setanta Sports are one of those companies. As much as we’d wish that companies use e-mail the way the rest of us do, they don’t and we should expect to get responses all the time.

So, if you don’t receive a response to maybe one or two e-mails to a companies customer service e-mail address, then give them a ring as well.

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  • Serial Complainer

    Or try emailing the CEO instead of the ‘info’ email address. It’s not usually hard to get the CEO’s email address. Just find any individual’s company email address, and use the same convention (i.e. first initial + ‘.’ + surname) for the CEO.

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