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Drinks prices in Ireland

I received this e-mail from a ValueIreland.com a while ago:

I would like to see you guys do some sort of survey on the pub industry, in particular in Dublin. Pubs are complaining about there not being enough people in the premises. I do not feel for them with their absolute rip off prices. For example recently I was the designated driver and was drinking red bull. I payed €5.60 for a can of it in the Hairy Lemon in Dublin and another time I payed €6.40 for a bottle of Corona in Dandeline nightclub. Is there anything we can do?

While keep up to date listings of prices is something that I don’t really have enough time for, I did notice that CheapEats.ie did publish a couple of posts on this issue in the last few weeks as well – the Cheapest Drinks in Ireland.

It’s quite interesting that given the amount of money that we, as a nation, spend regularly on our nights out, that there isn’t a sustained effort to keep track of drink prices around the country. I suppose, given the nature of the product, it’s unlikely that we’ll remember, or care, too much of what we paid the previous night when we wake up the next morning.

There have been a couple of efforts in the past, including one that was revived in the CheapEats.ie post referred to above – the DublinPubScene.com. This site looks like it started around 2003 and then stopped in 2005.

Around about that time too was DrinkFeckGirls, started in 2003, that attempted to track alcohol prices across the country. It didn’t really last all that long either.

These kind of sites depend wholly on user input which can be hard to maintain. I wonder would a site like Pumps.ie be set up in such a way that it could easily change from tracking the price of a litre of petrol to the price of a pint? That would give the framework, but there’s still the problem of gathering user feedback.

Maybe some sort of enticement? Some sort of loyalty or reward points for every price submitted? Some sort of reward scheme would probably needed to maintain interest long enough to have the site contain enough valid, and up to date, information to stand on it’s own.

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