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Hertz special offers via Ryanair.com – how special though

Following on from this mornings article questioning potential unfair advertising on Ryanair.com, I received another e-mail from a reader querying an advert for Hertz car rental offers on the same site. This is the advert below – to the right – cheap car hire for €99 or £99 per week. Notice, there’s no “from” on this offer.

The only problem is, no matter how much you search the site, you can’t actually find a car available for €99 or £99 during the summer – at least I can’t anyway. This is the cheapest I can find – €50 more than the advertised cost on the main Ryanair home page.

As I said this morning, technically Ryanair can say what they want on their own website. While there may be a case for this being a misleading commercial practice under the Consumer Protection Act, 2007, I don’t believe there is anyone in the National Consumer Agency who would try to take this on as the legislation is sufficiently vague (as in many other situations) to allow inaction become the norm.

So, the best that can be done in the interest of consumers is to highlight the dodgy practices that they’re engaging in, and giving people enough information to enable them to make their own purchasing decisions with full information.

However, on the positive side, if you compare the Ryanair prices above with the Hertz prices available directly on Hertz.com, despite being more expensive than advertised the Ryanair car hire rates are a lot cheaper. Here’s the equivalent booking on Hertz.com for the same cars for the same time period:

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