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National Consumer Agency and independence from Government

In it’s early days, I was concerned about the National Consumer Agency and how independent they might be from their government masters.

Whatever  else you say about the useless quango, they have taken sides against the government in a couple of issues in the past.

There was their comments regarding the increase in toll charges on the M50, and their opposition to public transport fare increases – all unsuccessfully appeals as it turned out.

They are also very strong in their encouragement of people to ignore their patriotic duty be recommending that people buy in Northern Ireland and from UK based website.

With good sterling and dollar exchange rates, it might be cheaper to buy an item online, even from the retailer’s UK website. If you are buying something expensive, a trip to Northern Ireland might save a lot more on the purchase price than the cost of the actual trip.

It’s refreshing to see differing opinions within the government and ruling classes – it’s so rare that one sees it these days.

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