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Sterling to Euro conversion rip off again

Another e-mail from a reader about the sterling to euro conversion rip off. Unfortunately things aren’t changing, despite falling costs in Ireland at the moment.

I’m emailing you because I’m hopping, ripping mad with rage at yet another example of overpricing, and need to get it out of my system!  I was in my local Centra today, was about to buy the Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special, and noticed that the sterling cover price of 1.82 had become 4.40 euro.  I pointed this out to the assistant and asked if she could check it because it was clearly wrong. She pointed to the Euro price for Greece and Spain of 4.40, saying that was the price.

I asked if she could check, she hadn’t time.  I asked for a manager, who wasn’t available. I told her I’d show her the conversion on another magazine for comparison, but she really wasn’t interested and by this stage a queue was starting to form so I said I’d check another magazine and come back to her.  The ‘normal’, i.e weekly Woman’s Weekly had a sterling price of 82p, Euro price for Greece/Spain of 2.70, Irish price 1.18 Euro. OK, a 50% markup, but I’m used to that.  Back into the queue, saw a manager this time, he said the 1.18 price was wrong and should be 2.70!

OK, it’s only a magazine, but I really wanted it.  Only, not at that price!

This has happened several times, which is why I’m spitting about it.  I was really embarrassed, other customers clearly thought I was making a big deal, but – a markup of nearly 150%??? And I’M the one left feeling bad??

Is there anything we can do about this?  I hate having stand-up rows in shops, it’s mortifying – but it’s far worse to be ripped off!! (And actually I don’t even think they’re trying to . . .)

4 comments On Sterling to Euro conversion rip off again

  • Well done. This is the only way to get prices down. Just don’t buy it.

  • This happened to me in Superquinn, Ranelagh and it took weeks to sort. The price was coded in incorrectly and staff had no knowledge or control over how to change it.
    In Easons this week I bought a mag.which cost £2.80 and they charged me €5.50. I queried it with them and they said ‘they had no control, it comes in pre-priced’. Same story, different shop. Bang your head on the counter!

  • in july 008 crude oil $147 a barrel,on average gas went up 50% elec 26% after 11months of low oil prices at a low of $38 a barrel,today $68.25. gas price reduction e.on &edf none
    british gas 10% cut &scottish
    southern 4% scottish power 7.5%
    is ireland treated the same as us down trodden brits.

  • Am also fuming:
    Bought a fabric book in Mothercare today, cost: €9.00. The Mothercare UK website list it as £4.99 – checked conversion rate = €5.82!!!

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