Buy in sterling. Refund in Euro. Quids in!

This interesting e-mail came through recently from a regular reader. I’m not advocating that people actually do this, but it just shows that for everything the retailers to try to do to squeeze money out of the unfortunate consumer they haven’t actually covered all their bases.

I bought bits of things in Marks & Spencer in Northern Ireland.  I decided I did not want them. I brought them back to Liffey Valley without the receipt and they gave me the full Euro value in the store.  I had paid £50 for the items which in Euro was less that €60, but I got a credit note for €75.

I will have to test bringing the item back with the receipt and see what happens. I have a dress in fact with the sterling receipt.   So if I bought an expensive item for return,  a dress costing £100, converted to €113 cost and returned at €150 in the South,  I could make Euro to cover my petrol costs! Do you think?

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