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Customer reaction to poor customer service and mistakes

There’s a right way and a wrong way to react to poor customer service and mistakes, and this letter from a couple of weeks ago in the Irish Independent highlights a few things done the wrong way in the face of E-Flow toll problems.

Sir — Your eFlow letter, (Sunday Independent, May 24, 2009) prompts me to relate my experience. I drove Southbound on the M50 on Bank Holiday Monday, May 4.

I returned Northbound. that evening, and paid the €6.00 toll on the website. Payment Number 440269.

Some days later, I received a request for payment of €6.00., which I ignored. Two weeks later, I received Unpaid Toll Notice, requesting €47.50, and advising that if this was not paid within 56 days, an additional charge of €104.50. would apply. I phoned and eventually got talking to a human (Tony). I explained the situation. He was not interested, and said that failure to discharge the Toll Violation Notice, would result in prosecution. As far as I am concerned I have a receipt.

They can eFlow off.

Martin Dunne,

Malahide, Co Dublin

First things first, if you have a problem with customer service or any issue with a company, you should not ignore it. I realise we’re dealing with E-Flow here, but I would hope that a quick phone call on the day when the next bill was received could have sorted all out.

If you get a bill from anyone, whether it’s paid or unpaid, you should always follow up to confirm that you’re understanding of the current situation (i.e. bill is paid) is the same as the company itself – and therefore they can update their records accordingly.

On another note, despite any and all provocation, you should also be polite when you’re dealing with customer service people. In this particular situation, I can’t say how the interactions went, but I’m willing to guess that if the writer of the letter is willing to have their “e-flow off” statement attributed to themselves in a national newspaper, then things might not have gone swimmingly between himself and Tony over the phone.

2 comments On Customer reaction to poor customer service and mistakes

  • I concur with the above although its very very tempting to rip the shit out of some of these companies when services are so obviously poor. You must retain the moral high ground at all times however!

  • My complaint is about bargainstore an irish company. Due to current economic climate used their website, very impressed ordered goods online. then got wrong goods delivered phoned them, after approx 6 weeks later got a further two wrong deliveries, half the order was correct. Kept getting apologies but service was so bad i cancelled second lot of order which was the most expensive item. then got credit card bill and found i was invoiced on date i ordered goods. policy was not to be invoiced till goods dispatched. seriously annoyed that they have had my cash for over a month and me with no goods… then when we asked that we would be phoned to say we wanted to know my account would be credited still waiting on call. so much for not going over the border and supporting irish companies

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