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Haggling for a Discount – save yourself a few quid

Irish News of the World

May, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane

Haggling for a Discount

In boxing terms, you should never hit a man when he’s down, yet when you’re adversary is struggling; it is the perfect time to take advantage.

The same could be said when it comes to getting value for money when you’re out shopping – particularly if you’re buying bigger and more expensive items.

We’ve heard that shops are struggling with a reduction in the number of customers as a result of the recession, and that even what customers there are  spend less.

So if you’re in the market for a “big ticket” items for whatever reason, it’s worth bearing this in mind when trying to get yourself a good deal, and maybe even a few extra quid off the price.

With all the sales that are happening at the moment, despite it being a cliché of “rip off Ireland” it’s definitely worth shopping around to see what’s on offer.

If you find a shop offering the product that you like, and a price that’s competitive, then talk to them about doing business. Ask what their best offer is – is there any extra discount for cash? Will they throw anything extra in it for free? Maybe free delivery?

It costs you nothing to ask, but could save you a few extra quid if you do.

1 comments On Haggling for a Discount – save yourself a few quid

  • I got two substantial reductions recently from a certain Australian owned electrical vendor.
    Firstly I went in with €550 looking for a laptop. I really fancied one that had a price tag of over €679. After being told “the lowest price” they could go, being passed onto the manager and literally showing him the cash, I got it for the €550!
    More recently I went in looking for a tumble dryer that had been on sale, only to find out the sale had ended. Without having to haggle, the sales assistant went to her manager to find out if they “could do it for the sale price”. Two seconds later she was back with positive news!
    All this tells me that the price shown on an item can be reduced by at least 20% and they still make a profit!.
    Happy haggling!

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