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National Consumer Agency – need more staff, or just need a clue?

The Annual report of the National Consumer Agency for 2008 was release recently. To cover up the fact that they’re not actually doing much at all to enforce consumer legislation, the mantra now is that they need more staff.

Would these staff actually enforce consumer legislation and prosecute offending businesses, or will they be doing more pointless grocery shopping around the country and up north?

Maybe they could work to improve the quality of staff they have working for them at the moment. One staff member in the NCA actually told a ValueIreland.com reader that they were not responsible for enforcing European consumer legislation and that their regulatory framework was limited to the 1980 Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act.

Clueless muppets!

The role of the NCA is to enforce Irish consumer legislation (all of it, and not just the Sale of Goods act above) and any European consumer legislation transcribed into Irish law.

Maybe now we’ve actually found out why the fuckers* do nothing? They don’t actually know what they’re supposed to be doing in the first place.

5 comments On National Consumer Agency – need more staff, or just need a clue?

  • Again more of tax payers money being waisted.

    Get rid of them.

    Can anybody tell me why all of the workers in Ireland are having their pay reduced but petrol is going up more than it should be?
    Again we’re being robbed by those in the rich position.

  • Great website, using colourful language in an otherwise serious blog just undermines the message.

  • @barneym – Only using same term of endearment that our beloved Taoiseach uses when refering to the NCA.

  • Fair point. If we aligned ourselves with the ethical standards and verbal agility of recent Taoisigh we would only be swimming in excrement daily.

  • Haven’t the NCA got a new recruit? – on the RTE 9 pm news earlier this week, Dermott Jewell was on about the Bord gais laptop fiasco and RTE captioned him as Dermott Jewell NCA…!

    Has he left Consumers association of Ireland?

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