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Prices rise as weather soars

I did get this e-mail last week and given the weather yesterday, I suppose I should have posted it sooner. Has anyone else noticed during the recent hot spell what this reader is referring to:

I noticed that the prices of drinks in my local Spar seemed to rise with the tempiture yesterday, is this merely a coincidence or was it retailers taking advantage of us i dontknow. I was down at the maritime festival in grand canal dock, dublin and I went into fresh for a can of coke and noted a price of €1.09. In protest i decided to go to spar in ringsend to find the price had risen to €1.05. Can someone please justify summer increases in a recession?? It just seems to me that they are taking advantage of peoples thirst in hot weather. I also notee that around the corner in Tesco Express, the price of a can of coke was 68c!!

I know that a store close to where I work has made a big issue of advertising their cans of Coke for 99c. Then again, I suppose there is the case that Tesco Express will always be cheaper than the normal convenience stores given their bigger spending power.

Anyone else noticed this happening? Has the price of cans of Coke dropped dramatically yesterday and today with all the rain :-)?

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