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Product Warranties – more information

Last week, I wrote this post “How long is my purchase guaranteed for? 1 Year? 2 Years?” where I advised that European legislation now meant that in some situations, consumers could expect their consumer rights to last 2 years rather than the 1 year we mostly expect.

I received a follow up e-mail from the original reader which provided further information, and while my advice still stands, their situation is actually now somewhat different.

They bought the Sony Playstation in question from Virgin Megastores which since went out of business. It’s something we should all remember, but when we buy items from a retailer, our contract is with them and not the manufacturer of the item.

So, in this readers case, as Virgin Megastore went out of business, they were simply out of luck and there was no grounds for them to have their rights enforced.

The reader had contacted Sony directly and attempted to have their European 2 year rights enforced, but as Sony correctly pointed out, that 2 year period is only enforceable on the retailer, not the manufacturer.

1 comments On Product Warranties – more information

  • I find this legalistic approach totally unacceptable. Why does VI continue to push the letter of the law approach to customer service?

    You sound like the CAI!

    Sony made the product. Since it failed it’s reasonable to assume this was a failure in Sony”s quality control system. It’s Sony’s failure not Virgins.

    I’s write back to Sony and say that you find it’s disappointing that it does not stand behind it’s product and seeks to dodge it’s responsibilities as a reputable supplier through a legal loophole.

    I’d also promise that if the Irish arm of Sony can’t or won’t resolve the issue you will highlight the issue directly to Sony in Japan.

    I’ll bet that Sony in Japan won’t sanction this sort of sneaky, underhand, legalistic approach.
    I know the Japanese pride themselves on quality and service.

    Shame on you VI for continuing to give credence to this sort of lousy service.

    I think “value” includes companies providing good after sales service not trying to wriggle their way out of their responsibilities by referring to contract law, don’t you?

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