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Travel Insurance – shop around for the best value

Irish News of the World

May, 2009

Diarmuid MacShane

Travel Insurance

The past week has seen some dire warnings about the dangers of going abroad without being adequately covered by suitable travel insurance.

There have been horror stories about having to pay tens of thousands of euros in hospital costs for even something as simple as a broken arm.

While all the well known insurance companies will sell you travel insurances, and a number of specialists as well, there are a few tricks you should know that will save you money.

There are some credit cards, such as available from National Irish Bank, that provide you with free travel insurance on any holidays that you book and pay for using the card.

Watch out too for travel companies, such as James’ Villas, that will offer you free travel insurance when you book your holiday with them.

Finally, Quinn Direct offers its customers who already have car and health insurance the benefit of free travel insurance until the end of 2010.

While anything free is great, make sure though that you read the small print to make sure all eventualities are covered.

1 comments On Travel Insurance – shop around for the best value

  • Can somebody tell me why 123.ie will not insure my school going daughter (as she is now 18 years old) and that only two adults are allowed on the travel policy?

    She’s still part of the family and still goes on holidays with us.

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