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Argos – more sterling to euro conversion issues

Following on from this mornings post, here’s another example sent through from a ValueIreland.com reader. Same response applies for this afternoon, but interestingly, you can also see the Argos justification also:

Just another example of British retailers looking to Rip off Irish Consumers here.

I was looking to buy a Sony Playstation 3 from Argos in Ireland but the difference between Ireland and the UK was over 22%. I queried it and Argos said it was down to currency. This can’t be right, if they are buying from one centralised location, they are paying the same price. This is profiteering by British Retail chain and blatantly at that. Please see the mail below from them.

This is the response that was sent to the reader from Argos:

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the price of the Playstation 3 with 80Gb Hard Disc Drive.

I am sorry to read your views regarding the price of the items you have been looking at.  Argos always aims to be competitive in the market and review our prices on a regular basis with numerous offers throughout the year.  The price difference to Ireland takes into account the additional shopping costs and the currency conversion.  The prices are fixed when they are put in the catalogue, taking into account the currency rate at that time.  Whilst we look to be competitively priced as far as possible, it is also not possible to adjust the price every time there is a change in the exchange rate.

I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

2 comments On Argos – more sterling to euro conversion issues

  • I think they meant “shipping” costs instead of shopping costs, after all their centrally located warehouse is probably in the UK so transport costs, rent and ofcourse VAT can contribute to the difference.

    In fairness there’s a lot more examples of higher differentials than 22%. In my business a suppliers Euro price list was in part 59% higher than the GBP equivalent – And they wanted us to pay the shipping and all associated costs. When queried on it they refused to budge on price because several multiples were paying in Euro.

  • I wanted to buy a Nikon D40 camera.
    I checked a price comparison site in the UK and the cost of this camera in ARgos was £249.29. When I checked it in Argos here, the same camera cost €379.99!!!!
    I contacted Argos and they said it was the exchange rate and VAT.

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